4 June 2022


6 June 2022

Join Soroptimists of SI Verdun (France) for a discovery weekend in Metz and Verdun on 4, 5 and 6 June 2022.


A time to remember the role of women in the First World War as they have actively participated in the national effort by taking up professional activities previously reserved for men. In all the countries concerned, many volunteers are travelling through the devastated regions to help, rescue and supply the population.


Suzanne Noël’s little wood
Through the planting of 11,000 fir trees on the memorial site of Verdun, a symbol of the First World War, a symbol of the atrocity and uselessness of wars, but also a symbol of peace, several European clubs of Soroptimist International have already joined forces to associate the name of Suzanne Noël, who took part in the war effort by operating the “gueules cassées”, with this site, and also to pay tribute to the women of all countries, those forgotten by World War I, who played an essential role, sometimes at the cost of their lives. A strong symbol for Soroptimist.


For more information about the project, click HERE.