11 October 2019


13 October 2019

Dear Soroptimists,


We know that Soroptimists are women who are leaders in innovation. In fact, all women have hints of artistic tendencies in their life. Using the viewpoint of artists and the unity that this approach provides us, we can envision a future that is more in tune with our past; we hope to see ourselves wandering in the mystique of antique cities and towns.


We are planning a “Soroptimist Art Festival” with the aim of displaying our artistic touch and loving nature to the world. Within this festival, we’re planning to have a series of events where our Soroptimist Sisters can show off their talents and skills. We think that the participation of all of our Soroptimist Sisters will strengthen and bring colour to the festival. In addition to the exhibits that are put on display by our artists, there will be various workshops which will be open to participants to experience so that we can work together to create new pieces of art. Being that the historical weaving capital of Turkey is Buldan, we hope to create memories with the help of the Turkish Soroptimist Club President Nur Velidedeoğlu Kavuncu, who will be involved with the festival from 11 to 13 October, 2019, during which we hope to see all of our Soroptimist Sisters.


By gathering a wide variety of artists at our art festival from the surrounding areas, we hope to be able to provide a glimpse of what they have to offer such as the aesthetic weaving culture of Denizli in the elegant homes of Buldan. This 3-day experience will be enhanced by infusing the cuisine of the locals to brighten the palette. We will spend the mornings by walking with the birds that water at Süleymanlı Lake, and spend our evenings listening to the cicadas.


Our 3-day event is sure to leave us with a new perspective that reminds us of why we’re fond of our past, and will keep us filled with happiness for a long time!


You are required to submit your entries until September 15th and bring in as many works as you want. After your transportation to Denizli, we will meet you and take you to the place where you will prepare your workshop in the festival area. All the transportation, accommodation and food expenses of the artists participating in the festival will be made by the Festival Committee.


Soroptimist Club of Denizli and Karsiyaka


For more information, please contact: or

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