Our biggest campaign of the year is about to start! In just a few weeks, we will launch our contribution to the UN Orange the World campaign.


From 25 November to 10 December, people all over the world will unite in 16 days of activism to help prevent violence against women and girls.


Building on the success of our groundbreaking ‘READ THE SIGNS’ campaign last year, which was officially supported by UN Women, we have introduced a new essential aspect this year: mental health. You can re-use all the existing materials prepared for last year’s campaign, along with six new videos created by our Communications team, which are available on the Extranet. Read more about this year´s campaign by clicking here: READ THE SIGNS 2023 is breaking new ground



Let´s colour the whole Europe orange again!


There are many ways you can bring visibility to this campaign and help women and girls affected by gender-based violence:


  • On 25 November, people often light candles in memory of victims killed in gender-based violence.
  • Another effective way to support the campaign is by printing leaflets, business cards, or stickers with contact information for helplines. These can be distributed throughout your hometown in local businesses, public toilets, gyms, hospitals, pharmacies, and dentists.
  • Consider organising a hybrid event this year in collaboration with a hotel or a company, inviting the general public to attend.


Here at SIE, we are offering a free webinar in English on ‘Girls on the Internet and Mental Health’ which will be held on 10 December at 4 pm CET.



Swedish journalist, lecturer and author, Caroline Engvall will share her expertise on online crimes, specifically about the tactics used by abusers; the shame victims experience, its impact on their mental health; and how caregivers can shield and support the girls from the potential psychological effects on them. She draws on her experience as an author of several books on crimes committed against children in both the real and virtual worlds, and her extensive work to assist girls who are victims of online crimes.


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Sandra Gonzalez Sköld, SIE Programme Director

Jitka Kratochvílová, SIE Assistant Programme Director