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The Soroptimist Club of Tirana is part of the network of organization supporting the participation of young people and women in politics/decision making. As Albania had the parliamentary election in 2013, the network was engaged in advocacy and lobby activities to respect the gender quota as the law describes. Regardless of the enormous efforts but by the civil society organization, the gender quota was not completely respected, however, women are in higher number of decision-making decisions than
before in the government and administration. The Soroptimist members participated in the marching activities, workshop, conferences, mobilizing support for the cause.

Sample project Launched in close collaboration with the municipality of Tirana, this project has reached out to 10 kindergartens, a number of them located in disadvantaged neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city.

Project staff have worked with the schools to identify their most urgent needs, mainly concerning the provision of a healthy and safe environment for the schoolchildren.

Staff, including administrators, social workers, care-givers, doctors and nurses at the kindergartens have been trained in the various issues that affect the wellbeing of young children. The school infrastructure has been improved, providing better hygiene for staff and children. Soroptimists and city council representatives made frequent visits to the kindergartens to monitor progress. Parents have also learned skills that will help them continue to care for their children more effectively.

In addition to the local municipality, Soroptimists networked with other stakeholders such as the Institute of Public Health and UNICEF.

Future partnerships with clubs in Kosovo are anticipated. Because of the common language, SI Tirana believes the clubs in Kosovo will find the materials developed to be useful when setting up kindergarten projects of their own.

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