I was pleasantly surprised after the Holistic training in November 2020 that many of you were inspired to get involved at the Federation level.  It evolved from interest, commitment, getting involved to genuinely wanting to be a part and participate in the process of rethink-reinvent-reposition our post-COVID19 Soroptimist world. From then on, several inspired Soroptimists from different levels and Unions got in touch with me regarding board positions, much to my satisfaction, as I was just inspired by them and wanted to start my biennium with them by my side!


On the other hand, it is well known how important meetings are in Soroptimist life on whatever level. The topic meetings could be replaced by Zoom meetings, but what we missed so badly was the small talk around the meeting onsite, we couldn’t hang out afterward to feel the temperature over a cup of coffee during the break, join afterparties, and thus missing out on informal talks with Soroptimists spontaneously evolving new insights, new approaches, exchanging experiences and finally get to know each other better. When one must form a board of 25 people this is a real challenge.


Also, I am still looking and hope to find for some positions the “right woman in the right place at the right moment” and I would add: with the right attitude. More than anyone I am so well aware of how challenging it is to combine family life, professional life, and Soroptimist life on a more than interesting level but let me tell you it is so enriching for your professional skills and family life: make your family proud by being a proud Soroptimist. Get in touch with me, and then officially join me once the Governors have voted in July 2021!




By Carolien Demey

SIE President-Elect 2019-2021

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