Soroptimist Union of Belgium

In Belgium, the 16 days campaign is always an active national operation mobilising all the clubs of the Union!


The Soroptimists are organising multiple initiatives such as:


  • Sending letters to embassies and ministers to strengthen the position of SIE on the issue of VAW. A letter has been sent to the Belgium Diplomacy that confirmed doing the necessary “to orange” all their offices abroad during the campaign.


  • Reactivating the “Orange Gerberas” action! Like last year, a member of the Union has launched the campaign with florists all over the country. The Union President is supporting this project making it a national action. With this project, everyone who buys flowers around the 25th of November, get an orange gerbera with a Soroptimist message on a card.


  • Making strong communication on social media – during the 16 days, targeted messages are posted every day to raise awareness on VAW, help women in need (hotlines for emergency situations), and promote some best practices! The Union of Belgium is also working closely with the UN delegation in Belgium through Facebook.


All the Belgian clubs received a toolkit with instructions (material and tools of communication) to pursue an efficient campaign.



By SIE Programme Team

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