By opening their homes to other members, Soroptimists create and strengthen bonds of friendship.

Open Heart – Open Door was founded on the principle that networking and developing a better understanding of each other and of each other’s cultures will strengthen our organisation, help it thrive and promote a more peaceful world.


Soroptimists can get involved in the Open Heart – Open Door programme in five ways:


  • Home Hospitality: Hosting one or two Soroptimists or a Soroptimist and her partner in your home
  • Contact Person: Acting as a guide and showing Soroptimists your hometown
  • Exchange Visits: Hosting a professional exchange with another Soroptimist
  • Home Exchange: Exchanging homes with another Soroptimist for a certain period of time
  • Youth Exchange Programme: Hosting another Soroptimist’s daughter/son, niece/nephew, etc.

So far, some 500 Soroptimists from more than 50 countries have joined up to the Open Heart – Open Door programme!


Countries that are currently participating in the Open Heart – Open Door programme include:


Albania Georgia Madagascar Slovakia
Austria Germany Malta Spain
Belgium Greece Morocco Sweden
Bulgaria Hungary Netherlands Switzerland
Croatia Iceland Norway Tunisia
Czech Republic Israel Poland Turkey
Denmark Italy Portugal Ukraine
Ethiopia Kenya Romania
Finland Kosovo Russia
France Lithuania Slovenia


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