Club of Trento, Italy

In Italy, SI Club of Trento organised a conference and debate on the need to raise men’s awareness about Violence Against Women and the role to be given to the rehabilitation of aggressors.


The project was carried out jointly with other associations, such as the Rotary Club, Lions Club, etc. Free and open to a wide audience, the project organizers met young people and carried out several activities in the region’s schools. Conferences were also organized, first in February 2018, with the participation of several experts and representatives of the judiciary, and then over two days in March 2018. The evolution of attitudes towards gender equality has been highlighted from a male perspective. This perspective was illustrated by the screening of the Canadian documentary film “A Better Man”, co-directed by Attiya Khan and Lawrence Jackman. This documentary highlights a new model of domestic violence prevention and thus offers a new and nuanced look at healing and disclosure, which can happen for everyone when men take responsibility for their violence.

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