"Fight for the things that you care about. But do it in a way that will lead others to join you." - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

For Unions and clubs seeking to develop their activities through the launch of a new project, the Project Matching platform is a method of mutual assistance that has proved its worth in the past. Unfortunately, the continuity of the platform is beginning to be questioned due to the lack of support towards Unions and clubs in need.


Through this article, we would like to highlight the importance of this tool and demonstrate how imperative it is to grasp its usefulness in the work carried out by Soroptimists!


The situation of Soroptimists seeking help is constantly changing, as is that of the women who are suffering. Our members in the field focus on the fate of women, girls and families, but their possibilities, capacities and resources are sometimes limited.


Applying for Federation-wide fundraising can allow us to finance projects that would not have been possible with a more traditional funding solution.


Through Project Matching, Soroptimists from across the Federation can receive support for their projects and offer assistance. This opens up a new dimension and gives new possibilities.


What are the advantages of Project Matching?

Financial support


Project Matching has certain funding advantages:


  • A quick way to raise funds with no upfront fees.
  • Take advantage of alternative communication and promotion. Investing members can be a real force for communication by promoting the project to their networks.
  • Gives indications as to the realisation of the project. If members are motivated to invest, there is a good chance that the project will be supported when it comes to fruition.


Financial support certainly, but not only…

  • Although this support is mainly in the form of funds, there are many other ways to offer assistance. Exchanges can also be about skills, offering know-how, sharing advice and good practice, visits, etc. The list is endless.
  • Feedback can be used to improve the project. Feedback and comments from members who offer help can help expand the project.


To find out more and see the list of projects waiting for support click on the following link: . Access to the Project Matching website is also possible via the SIE website, simply by clicking on the “Project Matching” tab. We suggest that you visit the page regularly for the latest news!


When Soroptimists call us, they call you too – let us reach out and help them! Let us try to be more involved and share our knowledge and skills in the Soroptimist spirit.


And the Soroptimists of Vallauris-Sophia-Antipolis-Mougins (France) cannot say the opposite! Thanks to the contribution of SIE members at the Federation level, the club has managed to achieve its goal by completing its project APIAFRIQUE, which you can read by clicking HERE.



By Bintou Koïta,

SIEHQ Programme Officer

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