“During the many GoToMeetings we held with participants from Eastern Europe several pointed out that one of the things they would like to focus more on was some good advice on how to handle conflict(s) in a club.


This confirms that conflicts within clubs are still a problem and a reason for members to leave the organization. The Membership Survey made in 2014 showed that even 45% of members leaving SIE from Eastern Part of Europe were leaving because of conflicts in a club and this issue is still very important.


The Task Force Group together with a Working Group from EE made a Webinar “Conflict handling” The webinar presentation contains explanations and tips for conflict resolution, mediation and also a case study that can help other clubs and members in a situation of conflict.


We have had a very good and positive feedback from the participants of the 2 webinars held and we hope that it would be helpful for many clubs and members within a conflict situation and also – which is equally important – that the material will be able to help and inspire to avoid future conflicts in the clubs. The presentation is available as a download from the Member Area of the SIE website, under EXTENSION>WEBINARS.


We remain at your disposal for any questions or comments.”


-Gerda Rosiers, IE Extension Committee Chairperson


Task Force Group Eastern Part of Europe initiated by President Renata:

Zaneta Vysniauskiene, SIE Vice President Eastern Europe, Chair

Ulla Madsen, SIE Past President – Special Consultant Eastern Europe

Gerda Rosiers, SIE Extension Committee Chairperson

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