The Club of Les Deux Sources in Belgium ran and supported an awareness campaign on gender equality in education, including campaigning against traditional values that keep girls out of school.


According to initiator Marie-Louise Van Achter said this project is more about “Questioning and education rather than healing” so that the students can reflect on their own romantic relationships, as well as the bigger picture.


The first step of the project was putting on a theatre piece called “Braises” about repressive gender roles placed on women and the violence they are subjected to. The following step was to get feedback and discuss the piece with high school students. Many students voiced that the situations in the play were shocking and unacceptable.


Through the theatre piece and following workshops, the Soroptimists educated students on love, self-respect and respect of others, and also educated them on how to fight violence against women. In total, 150 students, both young men and women, benefited from the campaign.


Flyer for the theatre piece “Braises”

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