Domestic violence and violence against women are phenomena taking place all around the world. With lockdowns becoming the new norm, violence against women cases have risen. With that in mind and with a non-operational shelter in Kuwait, Soroptimist Kuwait formed a coalition with other initiatives in the country to shelter women during the COVID experience. This was a pilot project to examine the challenges and feasibility of operating a temporary safe system for women over the age of 21.


The project included creating a media campaign to raise awareness and educate the public about EVAW, working with local lawyers to protect the rights of survivors and service providers, managing donation of services and products needed for the survivors, providing a holistic rehabilitation program to enable and empower survivors of abuse, and collaborating with other organizations like the local UN offices.


With the increase of publicity, the Development Assistance Portal of the Middle East (DARPE) invited Soroptimist Kuwait to a webinar on 24 March 2021, to highlight its work and its initiatives.



Ms. Mae Al Hajjaj, President, Dr. Amar Behbahani, Past President, Dr. Hend Al Enizi, Program Director and Dr. Zaibnab Al Musailekh, Constitution and By Laws Officer, spoke of the success of the project and the lives of women who were under their care.


With over 40 attendees from around the world, the webinar was a great success and showed the outstanding work that Soroptimist Kuwait was doing.


SI Club Kuwait

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