About this project SI Bamako Espoir in Mali had identified a pressing need: the children of Foura had to walk 14km twice a day to reach the nearest school.

This was often a dangerous undertaking, especially for girls. The Soroptimists therefore joined forces with Swiss Clubs – Burgdorf, Langenthal, Bad Ragaz and Schwyz – to build a school for girls in the village. The school, named Ecole fondamentale Suisse-espoir, now includes three classrooms, an administration building and three restrooms – one each for staff, boys and girls. It also offers local women evening literacy classes.

In order to meet some of the other essential needs of the village of Foura, a well was dug to provide clean drinking water for the entire village. In addition, solar panels were installed to ensure the village has a sustainable and clean source of electricity.

Having access to clean drinking water is reducing rates of filariasis, a parasitic disease that affects the elderly. The solar panels allow children to study by electric light rather than by kerosene lamps.

Local press report (French)

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