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The objective of this project is to bring the least privileged women from disadvantaged neighbourhoods, to take their place in the public space by giving them the opportunity to travel across the country.


The Soroptimists of Netanya have worked together to support these women with the goal to reduce the feeling of exclusion linked to the partitioning between priority neighbourhoods and big cities. It is essential that women who have never left their neighbourhood, feel that they have the right and ability to get access to mobility as any other citizen of the country.


The Soroptimists planned routes and guiding, contacted key people for transportation and did their best to persuade the targeted women to take part of this project; and it was not always an easy task when it comes to convincing someone who has never travelled!


It appears from these actions carried out with these 40 women, a desire to better know the history of their nation and to feel, at the same time, fully a citizen of their country. These women have grown during this trip, learned a lot of things in various and varied fields (science, technology, history, etc.) and many of them now plan to take this type of trip with their children.


The Soroptimists have forged strong links with these women, and they make sure to maintain the connection with them.

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