20 mai 2021
How to continue to make an impact in a post-pandemic scenario?

Isabel De Clercq, Trend Catcher and Fire Starter, is a true believer of the latter. According to Isabel, corona has been a catalyst: it has brought changes to the way we connect and build communities. Such changes had already been introduced earlier, in a subtle and discrete way, but have now gained an epic momentum. And, what’s more, these changes are here to stay.


In her 60-minute session, Isabel helps you discover the rich body of thought of Hybrid Community Building. She takes you through an unimaginable story that will bring clear answers to the following questions:


  1. Why is Hybrid far from being hip and new?
  2. How does Hybrid Knowledge Sharing enable deeper connections, far from all that social media pressure?
  3. Which tips can you actually employ to make sure your gatherings spark inclusive and interactive moments?


Isabel is a keynote speaker and author of the short story collection Gekruld and two management publications: Social technologies in Business and The Hybrid Work Manifesto.


She is passionate about doing Hybrid right because “it brings Self-leadership, Empowerment through Connections, and Lifelong Learning together, thus forming a unique and effective way of collaborating. It takes our connections and communities to a new dimension”.


Expect a neat mix of interesting concepts, references to books and research, but also ways to put it all into practice.


Sign up now for this interactive session to carry on making your mark after the pandemic. This, thanks to Hybrid Community Building.


Everyone is welcome to attend this Zoom webinar on May 20th, 2021, at 19:00 – 20:00CET

Link to join the webinar: us06web.zoom.us