For almost a century now, Soroptimists have been working to eliminate violence against women and girls and ensure women’s participation in conflict resolution.

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Education empowers women and girls to realise their potential and support themselves. It also enables women and children to pursue lifelong learning and is a means to eradicate and prevent violence against women.

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Soroptimists develop, finance and implement projects that give women better access to economic empowerment opportunities.

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Soroptimists work hard to ensure women and girls have food security and access to the highest attainable standard of healthcare.

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Soroptimists are working to achieve greater environmental sustainability at local, national and international levels.

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Support the Three Projects of the President’s Appeal

The International President’s Appeal 2017-2019 Women, Water and Leadership supports projects that educate, empower and enable women and girls, ensuring they have the capacity, experience and education to manage water resources and gain careers in water-related professions. 


Women, Water and Leadership focuses on how women can play a stronger role in revitalising the economy and society, specifically in the water sector.


The President’s Appeal (PA) is the only project where all Soroptimists ...

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