Health & Food Security

Soroptimists work hard to ensure women and girls have food security and access to the highest attainable standard of healthcare.

Our health-related projects involve the building and refurbishment of hospitals, the provision of medical supplies, nurse/midwife training, tests/screenings, and much else, depending on the needs of women in different communities.

Soroptimist priorities in the area of health also include reducing some of the causes of child mortality such as malnutrition, water-borne diseases, and access to primary healthcare.

As a ‘global voice for women’, we lobby actively for improved healthcare at the local and national levels in our own countries and communities, and promote education on reproductive health and rights.

Sample project From Isolation to Empathy

Becoming a parent is considered an important and joyful life event. However, for expectant mothers who are struggling with negative emotions or mental health issues, it is not an easy time. They often find themselves feeling alone and may be ashamed to admit their feelings or unaware that they need support. Without help to work […]

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