Women’s Empowerment

Soroptimists develop, finance and implement projects that give women better access to economic empowerment opportunities.

Soroptimists help women and girls get the education and practical skills needed to enter the labour force and become economically independent.

Many Soroptimist projects in the area of economic empowerment are conducted in partnership with micro-credit organisations, companies and other institutions. Together with our partners, we provide women with the skills and resources required to excel as entrepreneurs or employees. We also help women gain access to credit so that they can start their own businesses.

Our economic empowerment projects extend to remote rural areas where women are often caught in a poverty trap and spend much of their time on menial tasks. We build wells in communities to reduce the time women spend fetching water for cleaning or cooking and train women on how to increase their crop yields and sell their produce.

Sample project Empowering teenaged girls to become their own actors of change

Soroptimists realised that adolescent girls in Moldova needed additional support for their personal development. United behind the objective to ‘educate, empower and enable’, SI Follo (Norway) collaborated with SI Rygge (Norway) and SI Nisporeni (Moldova) to support ALL young girls to develop to their full potential, whatever their circumstances. This tri-club project took place in […]

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