Violence against Women

For almost a century now, Soroptimists have been working to eliminate violence against women and girls and ensure women’s participation in conflict resolution.

We execute projects to respond to, prevent and eliminate violence against women across the globe. Efforts include building shelters, aiding victims of violence, providing counselling services, lobbying for improved prevention programmes and policies and raising awareness of this problem.

Many of our projects are conducted in collaboration with local and national governments, policy makers, and other organisations/institutions working towards the elimination of violence against women through improved prevention and response strategies and programmes.

Sample project Bread against violence

When you think of bread, a French boulangerie is often not far behind. Unsurprising, as France has one of the highest per capita bread consumption rates in the world. But how can bread play a part in eliminating violence against women and girls? During the health crisis, one of the consequences of confinement was the […]

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