8 March 2022

Dear Soroptimists,


“Behind every woman stands a stronger woman”.
A local initiative of the SI Israeli Union intensified into an initiative of the European Federation and the African Federation.
We, as Soroptimists, have the vision and the mission to help and give, to educate, empower and enable women all over the world but we also create: create art, create a pleasant and social environment, create friendship, create moments of pleasure and joy in the hearts of those whose destiny has not improved.
This is the basis for a healthier and stronger society in which women have the right place for them.


We invite participants from across the European Federation and African Federation to the Second SI Exhibition of art: “Women – Portraits”.


Find more information HERE.


On behalf of the organizers of the exhibition,


Clara Lewi Rubinowicz

President of SI  Israeli union

Shoshi Frenkel

Project coordinator, SIE Extension Committee member, SI club Natanya (Israel) member