Dear Soroptimists,


Two years have gone by fast and it is time to say goodbye.

I thank you for having elected me to serve this beautiful organization and, as promised in Berlin in 2013, I believe I gave all my very best to serve the best organization that works for the betterment of women. If that was enough, only time will tell.


During this time, the Board and I tried to reduce the bureaucracy and to digitalize some forms and applications; we have streamlined some processes and continued the call for transparency; we worked in establishing clearer and stronger cooperation between the Federation and the Unions and Single Clubs; we opened a constituent phase that should be concluded in the next biennium; we took the first important steps for understanding what kind of branding and what kind of results we would like a future campaign to achieve; we have changed the website which is now also responsive on mobile tools and we have produced a digital “Business like” Annual Report and a prototype of an online magazine, also available to non-members, and we produced an Overview Brochure for your institutional contacts. In short, we tried to move the organization forward and prepare the path for a fully fit millennium vest.


Representing all of you and your marvellous achievements is an overwhelming and humbling task that has empowered and enriched me. I am sure you shall continue with passion and dedication to our Mission and I wish you the very best in all your endeavours.


To the next President and her Board I wish good speed!


Looking forward to meeting you at future, events,


Arrivederci e Grazie!

Elisabetta signtature

Maria Elisabetta de Franciscis

SIE President 2015-2017