Dear Soroptimists,


Our goal to grow membership is a simple, yet fundamental one.  One which can only be achieved with everyone’s help!


It is the sad truth that our Federation is losing members each year.


In the eternal respect for our first sisters, who fought to be listened to as women, we must be active now in recruiting new members, new clubs and new Unions.  We have put this goal at the heart of our organization and already taken steps towards achieving it:


Soroptimist action


  • We have organized a first round-table on 1 February 2022 with the Unions’ Extension Committee and presidents from Single clubs, to assess the problems with recruitment.
  • We have created a group within our board to focus on ‘Soroptimist Development Goal 3’ (SDG3) or ‘Membership Development’.
  • The guidelines for new and virtual clubs will also be updated and shared.
  • We have standardized the length of time for the charter of a new club, which is four months after sending the application to the SIE.


We know that membership solutions will be different in each country. It is important that we hear what individual local challenges are, so that we can develop and support initiatives to aid membership growth that will really work.


It is more important than ever to be proud to be a Soroptimist. To pass on our passion for standing up for women to both members and potential members. To share our values and goals with friends, family and our wider network. And to be committed to spreading Soroptimism so that women and girls may benefit all over the world.


We are very proud of our past, our present and of birthing our next generation and call upon you to

make Soroptimist attractive wherever you are!


We, Soroptimists, stand up for women!



Here are three quick steps you can take today to support membership growth and the next generation of Soroptimists:


1. Follow us on social media

2. Like/comment/share our posts

3. Show you are a member of Soroptimist on LinkedIn:


  • In your LinkedIn profile, click ‘add section’ (under your name and contact information)
  • Select ‘Accomplishments’
  • Select ‘Organizations’
  • Complete the information
  • Save

This will now show on your profile in your Accomplishments section!


To target Union Extension Committees and Single Club Presidents, SDG 3 introduced ‘Extension Round Tables’ as a sharing platform, to have a fruitful exchange at the Federation level on topics which are relevant at the Club level. Find more information HERE.


SIE Membership Development Team 2021-2023