Sample project The Soroptimists of Port au Prince, Haiti, have launched a project to build a grain mill for women.

Housed in a shed, this mill will enable women of the MPCS Association (Mouvement Paysan Chambrun Sarazin/Chambrun Sarazin Peasant Movement) to produce flour locally. Previously, they were forced to travel to a neighbouring city to do so, thus incurring high transportation costs. In addition to lowering production costs, the women will now have more time to devote to their business and family activities. In short, the project will improve the income, working conditions and quality of life of these women.

Training sessions to learn how to manage the mill, maintain the facilities, meet environmental sanitation requirements, manage production and the sales of their produce are all components of the project.

The funds generated will cover operating costs, pay employees and future profits will be used to finance other activities of the MPCS association, such as building a poultry farm.

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