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Sample project The Soroptimists of Romania are on the frontline of the war against sex trafficking – estimated to be worth some US$ 35 billion* annually.

Campaigns have been organised throughout the country to increase awareness of trafficking and to alert young people to its dangers. Students from rural areas who move to the city are particularly at risk.

In Cluj, 920 students in 10 schools took part in bi-monthly activities aimed at increasing awareness, developing social skills, and sharpening their ability to identify and defuse the family conflicts that can push children into the arms of traffickers. Participants themselves produced an illustrated pocket guide for parents.

With the support of the SI Union of Denmark, Soroptimists in Craiova ran a campaign to show the film ‘My lover will sell me tomorrow’ to students. The screenings were accompanied by panel discussions, theatre workshops and a poster design competition. Some 500 students in the city and the surrounding Dolj region attended the events.

Taken as a whole, these initiatives have reached over 600 children in Romania, who are now significantly less likely to end up as victims of this appalling trade.

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