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The International President’s Appeal 2017-2019, supports projects that educate, empower and enable women and girls, ensuring they have the capacity, experience and education needed to manage water resources and gain careers in water-related professions.

Safe, accessible water is crucial to preserving life. Growth in the world’s population and indus­trialisation, together with climate change and demographic shifts, all lead to an increased demand for water. Annually, four billion people experience severe water scarcity . Additionally, 663 million people lack ready access to improved sources of drinking water (World Water Development Report 2016). Women and girls are disproportionately affected instead of earning an income or attending school, they are forced to be the primary water carriers for their families.

Despite positive steps taken in past decades, the potential contributions of women in water development remain largely untapped, inhibit­ing women’s economic empowerment. Of the millions of paid water-related jobs worldwide, currently less than 17% of the positions are filled by women. Their expertise, if harnessed through education and empowerment, could position women as effective leaders.

Soroptimists are invited to support Women, Water & Leadership, once again joining with the SI membership around the world for a common goal. Clubs or members can make a donation through their own Federation or you might hold a fundraiser, and use social media and websites to create awareness.

The President’s Appeal seeks to reach the goal of raising £350,000, over two years, and to have improved, sustainable, accessible and affordable water products and services on five continents. The projects will empower at least 500 women to be self-supporting.

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