“Trafficking in human beings” sounds like a technical term, but it represents so much suffering. It means depriving fellow human beings from freedom and from self-determining their lives. Victims of trafficking suffer physical and mental abuse. It destroys their prospect for their future, and it can lead to lifelong trauma, complete loss of self-esteem and suicide.


Both men and women are trafficked, even children. It is a widespread form of organized crime. Due to an increasing criminal demand for trafficked persons, especially women and children, and due to important migration movements in Europe in the last years, trafficking has increased in Europe.


Victims are often in a desperate situation when they fall into the hands of those criminals. They are trafficked for forced labor, for forced criminal activities and for the removal of organs. Women and girls are especially vulnerable to trafficking, because of the big profit criminals can expect through sexual exploitation by forced or coerced pornography and prostitution.


Soroptimist International of Europe stands up for all victims of trafficking, with a special focus on women and girls. As an NGO, our project work includes measures to prevent trafficking, like lately that of Ukrainian refugees, and we support the great involvement of the OSCE and the Council of Europe to combat it. We call upon all state authorities to multiply their commitment and efforts to combat trafficking. Especially the most vulnerable persons, women and children, need the protection of their states from becoming victims of trafficking.


Survivors of trafficking must receive any support that is needed for them to lead an independent and self-determined life.


Trafficking in human beings needs to stop, everywhere and forever.



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Bettina Hahne, SIE Advocacy