A Simple Way to Explain Who We Are  

In a few days, SIE will post a new video that explains who we are and what we do in a simple, yet effective way. The animated video is a spinoff of the version that SI Italy produced last year. Union President Patrizia Salmoiraghi very generously allowed us to remake their video for SIE purposes.


President of SI Club Firenze and experienced advertising creative Enrica Ficai Veltroni developed the idea and wrote the copy for the original video, while Alessio Piccini from Rad–Group in Florence came up with the animation. The Communications team edited the copy to suit our needs and worked with Enrica to produce the Federation version.


Using just a few words and pictures, the video explains Soroptimist and directs viewers to the SIE website for more information. Stay tuned for the launch via Facebook and email!


Still 2      Still from video 3

The animated institutional video tells the story of SIE in lively pictures. (Source: SIE Institutional Video)