Latest with respect to the status of the Istanbul Convention

Over the last several years there have been additional countries that chose to ratify the convention because they chose to stand on the right side of history and support women’s rights.


Following Turkey’s denunciation the countries Liechtenstein and Republic of Moldova stood up and showed their support where Turkey chose not to. They did so even before the tragic events of the Ukrainian war showed the horrors of not having specific protections in place for women.


In the near future, 1 November 2022, we will see Great Britain and obviously Ukraine fully enforce the Convention within their borders. The events in Ukraine are without a doubt awakening people to the need for protecting women’s rights and sheltering women from violence.


It’s a shame that it took the horrors of a war and outright war crimes to bring this issue to the forefront and galvanize people to action. Inspite of Turkey’s lack of conviction we now have the most countries ever enforcing the Istanbul Convention and the protective umbrella which it provides.


J. G., SIE Representative to the Council of Europe