Soroptimism is uniting professional women from all walks of life. However, we are not always as inclusive as we claim.


Soroptimism is uniting women who want to stand up for women. This doesn’t mean we all carry this out in the same way nor to the same extent.


Soroptimism is uniting members of different unions and clubs. This doesn’t mean we all live and showcase our membership in the same way.


We are all different, however, we share a commonality through values, objectives, purposes, and focus areas which we unite visually, organisationally, and legally. While using different logos is reflective of the nuances we embrace in our Clubs and Unions, these different logos in one and the same organisation are counterproductive, but still somehow acceptable when their similarity makes them recognisable for all. Our logo, embodying and emphasising our identity and unity, is significant to our members from the time of concept to roll out as it fosters a sense of recognition, commitment and involvement to work together.



Our diverse actions demonstrate how we showcase our individuality. We see this clearly in our annual report, which illustrates members’ projects from across the globe, and the significant variety of approaches, methods of implementation, and outcomes. It is these differences and local knowledge and network that help us to have such a huge impact on the lives of women and girls while acting under the united Soroptimist umbrella.


We are united as Soroptimist International of Europe members, and it is as members that we will bring in change and progress, whatever we are facing. Because we reach out to each other. Because we listen to and inspire each other. Because we put our individual wants aside.


‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ emphasises not only how we take Action, raise Awareness and Advocate, but also what being a member of our organisation means. We respect each of our members for their opinions, not as an individual but as a member. And, as President, I believe this is the case in our European Federation and I will continue to respect and embrace our members’ opinions. If not, membership is useless.


Let’s reflect on our strengths and where, as an organisation, we become stuck by our structure and how we may move past that.


Yours sincerely,


Carolien Demey

SIE President 2021-2023



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