Dear Soroptimists,


I wanted to write about the first year of my biennium and the plans for the second year. It would be a cliché to say that it was an unusual year. It seemed that whatever plans I had and whatever other initiatives I worked on – went bust. So the plans had to be changed. Some changes were for the better, some just the opposite.


Firstly, I wanted to change the format of the GM, it turned virtual and worked very well, although it hadn’t been that radical originally. Then the necessity to find out what Unions were doing and how Presidents were coping, and as the result we are meeting every month, which is so important and so promising. Meeting with Single Clubs are also going on to the satisfaction of both sides.


Now all hands must be on membership development, to stop losing members and gain new ones. Due to COVID – 19 some members who are not too “IT” fluent are not meeting. Some clubs don’t know how to implement projects when meetings are not face-to-face.


For the Holistic training, we are going to have thematic interactive sessions on-line for our Union Board members. They will be on different topics, very practical, with hints how to implement measures and projects. We are aiming to continue thematic interactive online sessions to keep the momentum going.


Great emphasis will be put on better communication and changing our image on social media, which is an ongoing activity.


Despite it being an unusual year, and it looks to remain different, I am proud of all of our members, despite the challenges, continuing to advocate, develop and finish projects. I truly believe no matter what the future will bring, Soroptimist will continue to stand up for women.


By Anna Wszelaczyńska

SIE President 2019-2021