SI Club of Stefan Voda, Moldova

Soroptimist members of Stefan Voda, a small town of 3,500 inhabitants located in Moldova, organised a charity event called “Revedere”, at Chisinau Theatre on 12 November 2019. The theme of this performance is directly linked to the 16 Days of Activism campaign as it deals with domestic violence.

The Sorptimists of Stefan Voda’s Club have developed a whole series of actions around this event. For example, they created banners with the theme “No Violence against Women” and invited the press and local television to attend the “Revedere” performance. In order to allow everyone to participate at their realization, Soroptimist distributed 30 free tickets to the most disadvantaged women and girls. All the spectators received pendants and orange balloons. All the funds raised during this evening will be donated to the Olanesti Children’s Centre to be used to build playgrounds for children affected by domestic violence.

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