After a two-year COVID induced break, a delegation of 20 Soroptimists travelled to New York this March to attend the sixty-seventh session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW67). Attending the CSW is a unique and exciting opportunity, open to all Soroptimists, to network, learn about the critical issues affecting women today, and gain insight into the work of Soroptimist International of Europe (SIE) and the United Nations. The SIE delegation was led by SIE President Carolien Demey and SIE President-Elect Hafdís Karlsdóttir.


Discover the impressions and feedback of four Soroptimists, who experienced the event from the inside


Anikó Wagner

Laura Domínguez García &

Alice Paola Pomè

Judith E. Mann

Strong Enough

“There are new challenges and difficulties are even bigger than before, but our commitment, enthusiasm and creativity is bigger as well to face them. I was a proud member of the SIE delegation and returned boosted and confident that working together we can make a difference in the future of society because together we are strong!”

Anikó Wagner, SI Club Szombathely (Hungary)

Perspectives shaking. The change made by CSW67

“In life there are experiences that change your perspective.

Have you ever seen thousands of women (plus, few men) raising the voices of women and girls together? Have you ever witnessed to the power of women of all over the world asking for a better society (more inclusive, more innovative, and more equal)? Have you ever experienced to walk in shoes of other people? This is CSW. CSW changes your perspectives by pushing you to think with different point of views.

In 2050 we must embrace a sustainable society. In 2050 the digital technology will cover at least 75% of worldwide economies. Are we ready to face it? CSW 67 worked on these topics to include women and girls in the sustainable future. To integrate sustainable development principles in the worldwide economy, digital technologies’ adoption is a critical issue.”

Alice Paola Pomè, SI Club Milano Net Lead (Italy)

Personal and professional growth

“Attending CSW, the most prominent global forum on women’s right, as a member of SIE delegation has brought me a personal and professional growth. Specially, because the priority theme of this 67th session, Innovation and technological change, and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls, approaches one of the major findings of my PhD research. Indeed, I could participate in an informal Consultation with Women’s Right Groups to inform the UN Global Digital Compact! As well as, meeting face-to-face Soroptimist from all around the world, and celebrate together the centennial Anniversary of SI New York Club.”

Laura Domínguez García , SI Club Costa del Sol (Spain)

Economic trends set to shape the future

“I found that the agenda for this CSW was particularly interesting for me both in my professional life and as a soroptimist. There was one session I attended that hit both areas and it was the online session about gig economy, the platform workers rights (or lack of) and how artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms now can be said to be the real employer in a platform company. Working as a Senior Inspector with the Norwegian Labour Inspector Authorities’ anti-labour crime department, I think we need to open our eyes to how this will affect women’s work life and the risks particularly women encounter doing this kind of work.”

Judith E. Maan, SI Club Tromso (Norway)



Curious to learn how access to digital technology will affect women and girls in everything from literacy to job opportunities? Our Programme Team have dived into this topic in their article ‘Leave no one offline behind’ which includes three key steps we Soroptimists must all ask ourselves:


Leave no one offline behind