As part of our objective to ‘develop differently’, we do not simply refer to SDG4 as ‘Organisational Development’, instead calling it ‘Intelligent Reloading’. This is because its scope is much wider and includes returning to basics.


This means ‘growing better’ by focusing on our fundamental values and for this approach to, in turn, enable all other SDG’s to grow and perform better.



Inviting Unions and Single Clubs to ‘get RELOADED’ by the Federation means that we give them value for money: as a Federation, throughout our headquarters and our entire Board, we provide material on advocacy, project matching, communication, website and extranet data, not to mention giving new incentives for all our SDG’s this biennium.


The SDG4 group is dedicated to ensuring we do this in an INTELLIGENT way. This is why this group is composed of our Constitution and By-Laws Committee (C&BLC), our Finance Team, and our Soroptimist International Director, who ensures the link to Soroptimist International, under which umbrella, we all serve.


Finalising our new constitution took a lot of time and energy from our governors, board, C&BLC, and our Union Presidents. We were all very focused on achieving a lean Constitution and By-Laws. Being lean means that Unions and Single Clubs have come back to our C&BLC with questions that they are best equipped to answers. In addition, we are ensuring that all manuals and guidelines are consistent with our new Constitution and By-laws, providing procedures, where needed, to ensure Unions and Single Clubs perform better and reach their goals more easily.


We owe it to our members to provide not only the best allocation of our funds and resources, but to eventually develop a multiplicator effect. The ultimate goal should be that our work, energy and money benefit all our members at all levels, unlocking their potential. The money has to be used in a way in which more Soroptimists get broader benefits – which this is why the Federation President is also part of the SDG4 group.


‘Developing differently’ is just the first step. Getting it done, addressing the pain points indicated by our Unions and Single Clubs, and correctly allocating resources to fulfil their needs is crucial to its successful growth.



SDG4 Team,

Carolien Demey (SIE President), Hafdís Karlsdóttir (SIE President-Elect), Isabel Mendes Pereira (SIE Treasurer), Flavia Pozzolini (C&BL Committee Chairperson), Aysegül Topdemir (C&BL Committee), Margrit Weber-Scherrer (C&BL Committee) and Kirsti Guttormsen, SI Director