Club of Birkerød, Denmark

When a victim of domestic violence chooses to leave their abusive partner, safe and affordable housing is one of the primary barriers they will face for themselves and their children.


After a consultation and expertise, the Soroptimists of Birkerød have chosen to provide practical support for the relocation of women from a shelter to their own home, when they are ready. Transitional housing gives survivors the time and services they need to achieve goals for long-term safety and stability.  Without this assistance survivors may have no other option than to return to their abuser’s home or face homelessness.


The Soroptimists contacted the head of the shelter in Lyngby and asked her what the women needed. They have set up a support model called “starting pack” consisting of providing duvets, pillows and bed linen for women who in transition to move into their own homes. So far, 7 women have benefited from the starting pack.


Breaking the cycle of violence has massive long-term societal benefits. Facilitating the relocation and storage is a simple solution to the complex problem of ending violence against women.