Congratulations to the Soroptimist Club Vallauris-Sophia-Antipolis-Mougins (France) for reaching the € 10,000 goal for their project APIAFRIQUE! This result was possible thanks to the continuous support of the Soroptimists of the SIE Federation who participated financially in the project.


“Project Matching should be the beginning of a long-term and far-reaching action for girls to be able to attend school during their menstruation. APIAFRIQUE has already employed four new employees to start production of these sanitary towels. Ngaparou High School was contacted by APIAFRIQUE to set a date for a Soroptimist visit. On March 20 the Soroptimists will present these kits to the 700 girls.”

Alicia Casper Fasoli, Programme Director SI Vallauris-Sophia Antipolis-Mougins.


To read the project please click HERE


Regarding the Project Matching tool, we are continuing to receive requests for funding and have added one new project recently. Currently, there are 11 projects seeking funding. We are pleased with the progress and are focused on getting more projects funded.


We encourage you to visit regularly the SIE Project Matching website to explore projects seeking for support:

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