Armenia, Single Club Yerevan

Janin Siradanian


Janin, 22, currently is a fourth-year dental student at Yerevan State Medical University. She is from Aleppo, Syria, moved to Yerevan in 2012 because of the war, Armenian by nationality. It was her dream to live in her homeland, complete her studies there and provide every possible assistance to her people. She speaks, reads, and writes fluently in three languages; English, Armenian, and Arabic. Since she was in high school, she have believed that becoming a dentist is an important factor in a life. This circumstance stimulated her to attend faculty of dentistry. As a student at Yerevan State Medical University, she had many opportunities for many activities, chances to participate in many dental courses and conferences.


Belgium, Club Lier-De Zilveren Knoop

Emma Heijmans


Emma, 25, grandniece of a soroptimist, wants to achieve LL.M (Master of Laws). After completing her LL.M. in the U.S., she aims at pursuing her bar education at Freshfields. Her first year at the firm has already allowed her to get acquainted with global business practice. In addition, the work in an Anglo-Saxon law firm stimulates her to develop skills such as efficient and quick grasping of new subjects and creative thinking to solve complex legal problems, the building blocks for the long-term career she would like to pursue. Based on her academic research and experience in the practice of law, she would subsequently like to pursue an interdisciplinary PhD in the field of corporate law and social justice, with a focus on mainstreaming gender equality into corporate and business law. This area of the law remains largely underdeveloped in Europe, and she is convinced that genuine change is possible, in line with current movements towards corporate sustainability.


Bulgaria, Club Sofia II Boyana

Petya Ivanova


Petya, 47, Soroptimist, wants to achieve the final diploma WSET. After completion the first three levels of WSET / Wine and Spirts Education Trust /, the next one named Diploma WSET is opening wide doors to the wine society all over the world. Even in Bulgaria the Diploma level is completed by less than 10 people which is really a challenging task for everyone. Personally it will support not only her but the whole wine society in her country and will give her the option to educate other Bulgarians in the wine field from the very beginning / from wine growing, production, sales and marketing.


Finland, Club Oulu

Velma Beri Kimbi Yaah


Velma Beri, 33, needs the scholarship for a post doc research in Granada Spain, on resolving the current problems of water treatment related to the emerging pollutants, such as pharmaceuticals and pesticides that concentrations and continuously increasing in nature. During her postdoc period, she expects to gain new knowhow on material preparation, the methods of characterization of the materials and new information on phenomena involved to be able to develop even more efficient materials. Her dream would be to find an economic and efficient way for providing clean water supply everywhere in the world.


Finland, Club Tampere

Anette Raukola


Anette, 28, needs the grant for her master’s degree, in Performing Arts, as an Opera singer. She has already produced two operas that were carried out successfully. Her ambition is to make sure the opera is produced in a way that young people can afford to enjoy it. With a slightly lower price and providing an opportunity to see an opera on screen before going into a theater, the threshold for experiencing opera can be lowered.


France, Club Mont-Blanc

Emilie Hazevis-Bini


Emilie, 36 years old, married with one child, wants the SIE scholarship for a year of doctoral studies at Grenoble Alpes University, Doctoral School of Management Science. This is a research-action with the objective of producing a booklet of good practices in professional equality and health at work for all organisations wishing to engage in this path. This is part of an approach to well-being at work and in favour of professional equality, which is a real and topical societal issue.


France, Club Paris-Fondateur

Julie Dulat


Julie, 25 years old, trained as an agricultural engineer, is applying for the SIE grant for a doctoral thesis in anthropology. She would like to develop the following three points in oyster farming, ecology and socio-economics, anthropological approach: – the study of producers’ projections concerning the future of their practices, – the definition of a trajectory for the sector by the students, – the place and role of women in the construction of the sector’s future. Julie was awarded the environment prize by the Union of France in October 2021.


Georgia, Single Club Kutaisi-Colchis

Nusta Kobzianidze


Nusta, 20, needs the grant to pursue her studies, in English Philology bachelor degree, at the Caucasus University. She is strongly motivated to carry on her master in USA. She is a hard-working person with strong desire to be top student. Due to financial problems of her family, she works part time jobs, during summer vacations.


Greece, Club Athens Lycabettus 

Magdalini Tsakyri


Magdalini Tsakyri, 26, has a BA degree in International & European studies at the Panteion University. She worked in the refugee’s camp Eleonas in Athens, where she could give a lot of support.


Greece, Club Volos First Club

Sotiria Papadimou


Sotiria Papadimou, 27, is now working as a fulltime agronomist. She studied sustainable management of environmental change and circular economy. She wants to study the removal of heavy metals from polluted soils using the milk thistle plant (sylybum marianum) to get soils restored.


Iceland, Club Mosfellssveit

Sigrun Jarlsdottir


Sigrun, 30, is on her 3rd year for her PhD in Neuroscience, in Canada, and has one more year to go. The grant will be used for the expenses of the 4th year. Her project title: Evaluation of the novel CRP treatment in a large-animal (pig) model of spinal cord injury using an implantable pump to deliver the CRP to the spinal cord, which will promote improved walking and bladder function.


Iceland, Club Kópavogur

Jamila Bazzoun


Jamila, 24, is a Lebanese student with BA in Business Management. She is very eager to upgrade herself and her skills, therefore her next educational step, is a Master of International Management with a specialization in Digital Marketing, at Geneva Business School, in Madrid Spain. Her goal is to endorse the same field she has studied in. After achieving her degree, she will not hesitate to work with big companies or be an entrepreneur herself. Helping other Lebanese women and encouraging women all over the world to aim for their goals and work hard for them, not letting any barrier keep them from doing what they love and hope for.


Israel, Club Hasharon

Shirley Edri


Shirley, 45, is a mother of 4 under 18 years of age. She has after many years of struggles managed to free herself from a violent relationship and is starting a new life. To be able to support her children and herself she depends on financial support. As long as she attends her studies, whilst ongoing treatment after years of violence and abuse, she is not able to work and earn her living.


Italy, Club Pavia

Bina Shabnam


Bina, 27, has almost six years of working experience in the Development programs in different international NGOs mainly programs/projects focusing on women (women education, women in media, mitigation of violence against women, women in the economy) in Afghanistan. She is also the co-founder of an association (SIC) which is supporting single mothers/women impacted by long term war and Covid-19 in Afghanistan. The master’s program that she is currently pursuing in Pavia University is focused on Development sector which is a great opportunity for her to gain academic knowledge where she has many years of working experience. Combining her experience in the field and her academic studies in the University of Pavia, is her ultimate goal in order to be able to understand the root causes of underdevelopment. The reason why she wants to study development cooperation is to understand developing/poor countries well and to find out why we have poverty and why we should bear the injustice especially the most marginalized population (women and the poor). And, to find out how she can help those in need especially women like herself in the future.


Italy, Club Catanzaro

Endurance Iyengumwena


Endurance, 23, wants to become a nurse. She hopes to conclude her studies and become a nurse to be able to start working as soon as possible and become economically independent. Possibly, she would like to move to a larger city where she could simultaneously start studying medicine. In the future she would like to come back to her original country in order to contribute to construct a health centre in one of those areas where the Health Care System is not adequately developed. In her country women’s ability to contribute to the economic growth of the family is quite limited. The access to university studies is nearly forbidden to people with low income. Similarly, health care is provided in large cities but the inhabitants of the peripheral areas of the country have little access to treatment.


Latvia, Single Club Ogre-Kegums

Sabine Veisa


Sabine, 23, is currently working full time at Keguma secondary school as a primary school teacher. She attends her studies for a bachelor’s degree /Primary school teacher, at the University of Latvia on evenings and weekends. She has a small salary as a teacher and is paying for her studies on her own. She cannot even afford to buy a computer which she would need for her studies. She is determined and hard-working and wants to complete her studies to be able to improve others’ lives.


Lithuania, Club Vilnius 1

Vaiva Gudelyte


Vaiva, 21, studies physics with astrophysics at the University of Dundee. She is a second years student. Her plan is to finish her bachelor’s degree, which is a four-year course, and then study Masters in a related program. She studied in two countries (Lithuania and Belgium) and five different schools, and managed to get good grades in most of her subjects. She finished high school with an International Baccalaureate Bilingual diploma. Her results in university so far are also good, as she managed to get A in most of her modules.


Poland, Club Gdansk 

Kinga Marszalkowska


Kinga Marszalkowska, 21, part-time study Computer Science, she wants to build a supportive network of women. She created a small sized robot and visits so called “hackatons”. She says: we should not dim our light for somebody else’s convenience.


Portugal, Club Setúbal

Ana Paula Ribeiro da Silva


Ana Paula Ribeiro da Silva, 57, researcher, PhD in Gender studies in Lisboa, full time, career-switch: she wants a more equal and just society, where women and girls’ rights must be sure. “I am just a step away of beginning a new life”.


Slovenia, Single Club Ptuj

Daša Šarman


Dasa, 24, daughter of a Soroptimist, has in her bachelor study of Biology gained a wide range of knowledge and certain kind of mindset needed to address challenges successfully. She gained extensive knowledge and acquired many practical skills. As a biology student she masters the basics of all biological disciplines: biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, systematics, developmental biology, physiology, ecology, neuroethology, evolution, and bioinformatics. She is confident that her education and practical background constitutes a good foundation for her further career, especially considering being enrolled in two biology related master’s programmes. She loves working with people and in the future would like to connect her passion for science and ecology to help solve same of the real world problems, such as pollution, global warming and cases like the ongoing pandemic and spread of pathogenic organisms overall. She has assisted in projects undertaken by the local Soroptimist club for several years as a volunteer.


Spain, Single Club Costa del Sol

Paloma Domínguez Sánchez


Paloma, 25, acquiring thanks to the master more knowledge about Human Computer Interaction which helps her to improve her project Nana Health, a virtual assistant controlled by voice. Since she arrived in Stockholm, a green city that has inspired her. She needed to look at the sustainable development goals from the United Nations and apply them to her technological solutions. Her goal is to make people’s lives better through her designs. She wants to show that products containing up to date technology can help people solve their problems or accomplish their goals and bring joy to their everyday lives. She wants to contribute to society by bringing technology closer to people. It is the biggest challenge for an engineer to make the product user friendly, and she is fortunate to be able to do this master which is teaching her to do so. She is looking forward to continuing designing technical solutions to improve the quality of life, especially for people who need support.


Turkey, Club Etiler / Istanbul

Seren Sapmaz


Seren, 29, Soroptimist, is very active young woman who at the age of 21, got her lawyer degree, a Master’s degree in 2019 and had her own Law Firm, from 2017 to 2021. She became a Soroptimist in 2018, the youngest member of the Union of Turkey. She took part in the “SAGE – Equality at Work” project funded by EU in 2019. Now, she desires to study European Private Law in Amsterdam, and work internationally.


Turkey, Club Moda / Istanbul

Melike Kulcu


Melike Külcü, 25, studies already in Münich, Germany, and she wants to work for a more sustainable world, she already has a bachelor’s degree of the Medeniyet Istanbul University. She asks a scholarship for the study: Molecular and Cellular Biology at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, and that is a Master of Science.





Austria, Club Zell am See/Pinzgau

Elisabeth Russe


Elisabeth, 42, truly has the greatest respect for patients suffering from severe pain. Most migraine patients are women and have no quality of life. They have no control of their lives and no understanding as there is no diagnostic prove for this disabling disease. So, after her second trip to the USA she set a goal, and wanted to further investigate the underlying cause and diagnostic of migraine, which is still unknown. She, as the only plastic surgeon in Austria offering surgical treatment of severe migraine headaches, had the unique opportunity to examine skin from patients with migraine. Skin and nervous system embryologically derive from the same layer implying a close relationship. Therefore, they raised the question if skin might be a better biosensor for a neurologic disorder like migraine that cannot be diagnose otherwise. In a pilot study, they discovered molecular evidence of migraine in skin – for the first time ever. In addition to that, they could prove on a cellular level that temperature sensation is a major trigger for migraine attacks, which has been described anecdotally: Patients with migraine have a higher frequency of migraine attacks during winter and a higher prevalence of migraine in northern countries with lower outdoor temperatures.


Croatia, Single Club Zagreb Centre

Gabriela Alfier


Gabriela Alfer, 30 years old, wants to combine skills on plastic surgery especially for melanoma patients, so aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.


Finland, Club Oulu

Eija Tuulikki Suorsa


Eija, 44, wishes to ameliorate her leadership skills. Her passion would be to be a leader of women in medical field, especially in plastic surgery. “Healthcare Management Education Program” would give her insight to understand the changing healthcare sector environment. This program will also strengthen her strategic leadership skills in a demanding change situation. It will also give her tools for guiding the selection of healthcare activities, in order to achieve a greater impact and health benefits. Lastly, she will adopt practical tools for engaging in and communicating on change management in healthcare, especially in plastic surgery.