The Board of Soroptimist International of Europe consists of the President, the President elect, the Immediate Past President, four Vice Presidents, the Treasurer and the Secretary General. These voting members are elected for a two-year term of office. However, the Treasurer can be re-elected for a second two-year term.

The officers of the Extended Board have responsibilities in line with the organisational model : Strategic Leadership, Programme and Advocacy, Communications, and Institutional Development/Extension. The Board leads the Federation and delivers its strategic plan, its goals and objectives. The members of the Board develop and implement a business plan for each biennium. The Board reports to the Council of Governors at the annual Governors’ Meeting.

President Maria Elisabetta de Franciscis

SI Caserta, Italy

Member since 1993

President elect Renata Trottmann Probst

SI Zug, Switzerland

Member since 1995

Immediate Past President Ulla Madsen

SI Kastrup-Taarnby, Denmark

Member since 1992

1st Vice President (Advocacy) Sigrid Ag

SI Harstad, Norway

Member since 2004[at]
Vice President Extension Africa Emine Erdem

SI Etiler, Turkey

Member since 1988

Vice President Communications Marie-Claude Bertrand

SI Angoulême, France

Member since 1985

Vice President Extension Eastern Europe Anna Wszelaczynska

SI Krakow, Poland

Member since 2000

Treasurer Anne-Marie Hendrickx

SI Hesbaye, Belgium

Member since 1999

Secretary General Flavia Pozzolini

SI Firenze Due, Italy

Member since 1991

Programme Director Marlène van Benthem

SI Scheveningen, Netherlands

Member since 2002

Assistant Programme Director Caroline Junier

SI Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Member since 1983

Finance Controller Verena von Tresckow-Bronke

SI Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Member since 2001

Extension Committee Chair Gerda Rosiers

SI Visé, Belgium

Member since 2002

Extension Committee Member Asha Abdulrahman

SI Milimani-Nairobi, Kenya

Member since 1999

Extension Committee Member Elisabeth Meisinger

SI Coburg, Germany

Member since 1997

Constitution and By-Laws Committee Chair Lénia Lopes

SI Lisboa Fundador

Member since 1987

Constitution and By-Laws Committee Member Judica van Riessen

SI Breda, The Netherlands, Surinam and Curaçao

Member since 1995

Constitution and By-Laws Committee Member Karla Greipl

SI Passau, Germany

Member since 2001

Scholarship Committee Chair Maria Luisa Frosio

SI Milano alla Scala, Italy

Member since 1998

Scholarship Committee Member Elena Savu

SI Bucharest, Romania

Member since 1995

Scholarship Committee Member Mariana Abrantes de Sousa

SI Estoril Cascais, Portugal

Member since 1992

Council of Europe Representative Bettina Hahne

SI Weinheim/Bergstrasse, Germany

Member since 2015

European Women's Lobby (EWL) Representative Renate Smith Kubat

SI Bruxelles Doyen, Belgium

Member since 1976

Organization for Security and Co-opreation in Europe (OSCE) Representative Vera Maria Gregor

SI Vienna I, Austria

Member since 1972

Communication Officer Christine Cromwell-Ahrens

SI Göttingen, Germany

Member since 1990