“Even if progress is visible and the legal status of women in Europe has undoubtedly improved during recent decades, effective equality between women and men is far from being a reality.”


To make this equality between women and men happen, the Council of Europe has adopted on International Women’s Day a new Gender Equality Strategy for 2018-2023. The new Strategy builds upon the vast legal and policy acquis of the Council of Europe as regards gender equality, as well as the achievements of the first Council of Europe Gender Equality Strategy 2014-2017.


The six strategic goals outlined in the document are aligned with Soroptimist values:


-Prevent and combat gender stereotypes and sexism.

-Prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence.

-Ensure the equal access of women to justice.

-Achieve a balanced participation of women and men in political and
public decision-making.

-Protect the rights of migrant, refugee and asylum-seeking women and

-Achieve gender mainstreaming in all policies and measures.


Soroptimists can find inspiration on advocacy actions for the club projects in the suggestions of the Council on mitigating actions page 23-28. To read the whole document please click HERE.