You probably all remember the Project Matching. If not, this article will refresh your memory! Project Matching was a joint initiative between Soroptimist International of the Americas (SIA) and Soroptimist International of Europe (SIE) where Soroptimist clubs could offer or seek assistance. The objective of this collaboration was to match resources between clubs of the American and European Federation – those that need assistance with a local project and those able to assist.


The Project Matching initiative was very popular among Soroptimists but, after several years of existence, it went into decline for different reasons (the withdrawal of SIA from the project, an outdated website, a complicated process to contribute to a project, etc.). Eventually, it stopped completely a few years ago despite a plethora of members who have always expressed their enthusiasm about partnering. Still today, the SIE Programme Team receives questions about members wondering what happened to Programme Matching, which disappeared all of a sudden!


The last Programme & Advocacy Training Seminar that took place in Lisbon in February 2018 targeting Union Programme Directors was the occasion to discuss a revival within the SIE Federation only. The conclusion was unanimous: Project Matching has to come back!


Programme development is the existential goal of our organisation. By putting collective potential into practice, project missions significantly enhance our public visibility. Our grassroots structure gives us the capacity for global impact. Project Matching is an excellent way to join efforts and truly work in a global initiative as Soroptimists!


Through the New Project Matching, Soroptimists will receive support for their projects and offer help. Although the support is mainly through funds, it is most certainly not money alone. Exchanges may also be set up in the form of expertise, offering know-how, giving advice/ideas for good practices, visits, etc. – the list is endless.


By learning from past experience, the SIE Programme Team is working in close collaboration with Erica Sollberger (SIE New Media) to provide an innovative, modern and user-friendly platform. A dedicated webpage monitored and regularly updated by the SIE Programme Team will be integrated into the current SIE website and an online mock-up will be presented at the Governors’ Meeting 2018 in Lucerne. Stay tuned to hear more about it soon!