It takes a gruelling 36 hours without breaks for citizens of Ukraine to make their escape-journey to Moldova. This trek is undertaken primarily by women and children escaping to this adjacent country. Given their proximity, a large number of refugees are arriving from the regions of Odessa and Kiev.


Moldova has received 270’000 refugees over the past few weeks alone and the numbers continue to increase. While some will carry on their journey to other countries, approximately 120’000 will remain in Moldova, of those an estimated 50’000 are children. Despite Moldova’s small population and it being one of the poorest countries in Europe, the country has been able to offer most refugees a place to stay.


For refugees, emergency aid such as a place to stay, food, medicine, baby formula, hygiene articles and warm clothes is essential. Besides this emergency help, some people need support organising their further transport to Romania. Needs go beyond the physical and include support for fear, trauma and exhaustion.


Moldova has reached its limits when it comes to providing resources.  Therefore, monetary means, humanitarian funds and help on-site are urgently needed.  The construction of accommodation centres is currently hampered, requiring international support.


This is especially urgent due to the high-risk situation. There is currently a massive risk that refugees become victims of human trafficking, especially women and children. We need to take action to help prevent trafficking for labour exploitation and forced prostitution.


We urge you to support the Soroptimists of Nisporeni in Moldova, so that they may, in turn support the Ukrainian refugees here.  You can support us via SIE’s Project Matching page:




Eveline Tanzer,

President of SI Melk Colomania (Austria)