About this project

Awala-Yalimapo is a French Guiana village located in the extreme north-west of Guiana, more than 60 km from Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni. It is traditionally and predominantly inhabited by the Kali’nas Amerindians, the indigenous French Guian people.  Today, the Amerindians represent 5% of the population[i] and their way of life has remained traditional: they live mainly from hunting, fishing and cassava cultivation.

The Soroptimists of Cayenne, whose vocation is to help and support the status of women in their community, have collected and bought clothes for this purpose.

To this end, the President of the Cayenne Club, Dr Michèle Sandra MONLOUIS-DEVA, surrounded by members, decided to give a donation to the Amerindian women and families of Awala-Yalimapo who are in need; a community that is often withdrawn and quietly satisfied with little.

The day began in the village of Awala-Yalimapo, where a dozen women were picked up and taken to the city of Cayenne on a bus to visit the capital, accompanied by a few Soroptimists. After a meal, the Amerindian women of Awala-Yalimapo received donations such as clothes, shoes and household items for the families in their village.

The Amerindian women were delighted by this gesture of generosity and the members of the Soroptimist International Club of Cayenne were pleased to have reached out to them through this work.

Juliette Chipouka Will and Mireille Ho-Sack-Wa Badami, Professor of Literature and writer/poet, respectively active in the WAÏMIPIO and MAKOKI associations, collaborated with the Soroptimist of Cayenne to realise this project.

Juliette Chipouka Will points out: “The Amerindian women enjoyed the visit to the capital Cayenne and the journey from Awala-Yalimapo to Cayenne. They were happy with the two artistic performances that were organised for them, were very satisfied with all the gifts that were donated and thank us sincerely and warmly for having thought of them”; a fine example of women serving women!