About this project

Empowered future is an educational and psychosocial project made to help a group of women who bare on an everyday basis with uncertainty and must struggle for their life, being a part of the homeless community.


Every year the number of homeless women in Zagreb is increasing. Homelessness has traditionally been perceived as a masculine phenomenon and the complexity of the emotional and physical problems that a woman faces requires a more serious approach when creating social policies. SI Club Zagreb decided to help the NGO “Home of Hope” and the social association “St. Martin’s mantle” which are supporting homeless women.


Studies also show that women are often victims of physical and psychological violence. They are also unable to meet their hygiene needs.


The Soroptimists contributed by organizing psychosocial workshops in order to:

  • empower and help the attendees to overcome the fear of taking risks,
  • encourage them to think outside the box,
  • learn to cope with lack of success,
  • make them envisage a better future and find their vocation to secure this future.


As part of the project it is planned to arrange a space for homeless women where they can receive snacks, rest, take a shower and where socio-psychological workshops would be held.

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