About this project

Soroptimists realised that adolescent girls in Moldova needed additional support for their personal development. United behind the objective to ‘educate, empower and enable’, SI Follo (Norway) collaborated with SI Rygge (Norway) and SI Nisporeni (Moldova) to support ALL young girls to develop to their full potential, whatever their circumstances.

This tri-club project took place in Moldova earlier this year to benefit teenaged girls. The clubs developed an educational programme to provide girls with the tools and support necessary to live socially and economically free lives.

In total, 55 girls, aged 15-18 years old, were selected to receive:

  • Training in overcoming psychological barriers in communication,
  • Training to shape their thinking by encouraging them to be inquisitive and curious,
  • Information about sexual violence and how to prevent it,
  • Information about educational perspectives,
  • Challenges to how they define their professional objectives,
  • Advice on dress code and how to present themselves for key events.

The three clubs worked together to make this project a reality, taking on a variety of tasks, including:

  • Budgeting and fundraising,
  • Selecting girls to take part in the training programme,
  • Organising the training sessions with key stakeholders,
  • Carrying out project follow-up.

In April and May of this year, sessions took place over a number of days with girls from The Prometu High School in the village of Grozesti and the village of Seliste’s Secondary School.

The girls were very interested in the topics. They worked in teams, made plans for the future, asked questions and discussed the problems they encounter with the guest speakers and trainers.

Some of the attendees confessed that they changed their point of view and opened their minds to new ideas as a result of their participation in these training sessions.

Thanks to the participatory methodology, which combined theoretical contributions with practical application, the Soroptimists have helped these young girls to feel empowered and become their own actors of change.

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  • Nisporeni
  • Rygge