About this project ‘Victim-friendly’ interrogation rooms, outfitted with comfortable furniture and special interior decoration and lighting,

have proved to greatly aid police when investigating cases of sexual or domestic violence. Being able to conduct sensitive interviews in a non-threatening environment helps officers obtain more accurate and detailed testimonies, thus increasing the likelihood of prosecutions and convictions.

The Soroptimists of SI Club Torino have financed the transformation of three interview rooms on the premises of the carabinieri, one of the Italy’s main police departments, also equipping them with brand new voice-recording devices.

In the meantime, the president of the Union of Italy has reached an agreement with the carabinieri’s central command to allow SI clubs to install these stanza rosa (‘pink rooms’) at police stations, providing physical and psychological comfort to victims throughout the country.

Several other SI club have since started the project, called ‘A Room of One’s Own’, at their local level. SI Club Siracusa and SI Club Ragusa have already refurbished two interrogation rooms, and SI Club Alto Novarese has purchased audio recording devices for six rooms in their area. Many more Italian SI clubs are currently installing pink rooms at the offices of their local carabinieri with many others set to follow suit.

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