About this project The goal of this project, initiated in 2014 by the members of SI Club Ljubljana, was to teach children with special needs

(autism, genetic disorders such as Down syndrome, cognitive or physical disability) to produce their own food. By learning and implementing organic methods, they are helping to improve the environment, to promote sustainability and to preserve their agricultural heritage.

At the school, located in the rural suburbs of Ljubljana, the Soroptimists have supported:

  • the restoration of the school orchard,
  • the construction of a rainwater reservoir for watering the orchard during the school year and school holidays,
  • the construction of guttering on the school roof for draining rain water into a tank, and
  • the harvesting of fruits and berries for the preparation of jams for the school kitchen.

This project has the added benefit of helping the children to develop greater self-confidence and to become more independent.

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