About this project

Peace is a concept that may seem very abstract to children. How can we define it in concrete terms? Perhaps as a social state of stability and equilibrium, a state of harmonious unity between different parties, or the absence of war, violence, and unrest.

Today, we are more aware than ever of the benefits of peace. To foster a peaceful coexistence, for now and the future, it is important that children and teenagers internalise this concept as early as possible.

The Soroptimists of Strasbourg launched a project around the word ‘PEACE.’ They sought to engage Alsace’s next generation in thinking about its true means and the critical issues tied to it. A reflection deemed more necessary than ever!

The initiative demanded substantial effort from the Soroptimists, involving liaising with the local education authority, schools, and parents to secure necessary permissions.

Their determination paid off. The question “What does the word ‘PEACE’ mean to you?” was posed to over 600 students from 23 classes in Alsace. These students were encouraged to express their thoughts on peace in a variety of ways, including drawings, paintings, poems, songs, videos, and sketches. A selection committee carefully evaluated the entries, awarding prizes to eight outstanding classes (made up of seven classes and one after-school care centre).

The project was a success, cumulating in an event where 216 pupils were hosted at the Collectivité européenne d’Alsace, which kindly made its premises available for the occasion. The works produced were all of a high standard, and some were particularly touching.

Apart from a celebratory buffet and a show, the prize winners received books, vouchers, and tickets for shows as tokens of recognition.

Peace ensures personal and social harmony. It creates an environment conducive for the prevention of violence and the resolution of conflicts peacefully, through tools such as dialogue. This is why all kinds of peace-related activities are so important, with a special emphasis on education in values, which is fundamental to progress towards an increasingly harmonious, equitable and peaceful society.

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