Club of Kuwait, Kuwait

Kuwait has recently passed a domestic violence law (Law 16-2020) that protects the whole family but also includes providing legal, medical and rehabilitative resources to domestic violence victims, of which is establishing shelters; and the Soroptimists aspire to educate the community about this law, raising awareness so that society will adapt to it, and to ensure people are aware about the details of the law.


For many years now, SI Kuwait has been joining the global movement to protect women as it is part of their eliminating violence against women (EVAW) programme.


To carry out this awareness-raising project, the Soroptimists used actively media platforms about promote this a new domestic violence law and highlight the importance and impact of it in Kuwait’s society. Furthermore, they created an editorial and visual content to simplify the 26 clauses to be easily shared on social media and media platforms.


Finally, the Soroptimists held discussions with stakeholders, partnered with local businesses, as well as the government to reach their objective.


Through their commitment, the Soroptimists in Kuwait are paving the way for change!