For the 16 days of activism campaign 2022, SIE will focus on preventing violence against women, in particular in relationships. By learning to ‘Read the Signs’ of toxic and aggressive behaviour, not only the victim, but family, friends and relatives will be armed to properly identify it, take appropriate action and provide support.


Our strength is in numbers. International days give us the opportunity to amplify action by educating the public. They allow us to address our global concern on key subjects, and advocate for change.  Only joint and consistent action can bring results in alerting and educating men and women to prevent violence.



Every action each one of us takes makes a difference.


The 16 Days of Activism fittingly begins on 25th November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and ends on International Human Rights Day.


What you can do


  • Learn to ’read the signs’ of a toxic relationship and share them with your network, by visiting our dedicated page.
  • Visit the download section of our extranet to find the visuals of the campaign (posters, banner, Facebook cover & profile picture, etc.)
  • Join the launch of the campaign on 25th November (let’s all post starting the 25th)
  • Like, comment and share our social posts where we highlight the signs related to Violence against Women (VAW).
  • Are you and your club planning some activities? Please share them using the hashtag #16Days, #Stopviolenceagainstwomen, and also these official tags #SoroptimistEurope and #WeStandUpforWomen
  • Report your projects as Project Focus Reports (PFRs), in our extranet in the PFR module. So we can see our collective efforts and our strength in driving change in the world.


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SIE Communications Team