Our Swiss Union has launched an innovative mentoring platform to mark the new Soroptimist century. ‘Duo Sorop’ is designed to bring mentees and role models together by putting information in the hands of future mentees in a matter of a few clicks.


“On this new platform, a young woman at the beginning of her career can choose a Soroptimist mentor with whom she will start the journey toward her professional (or private) goals.”


– Brigitte Mantilleri, Swiss Union President 2020-2022


Mentees can apply filters to find the perfect mentor or role model.  More than one hundred Swiss Soroptimists have made themselves available to share their knowledge and professional experience – a generosity that characterises Soroptimists. Mentees can search by language (German, French and Italian) and by area of expertise, including:


  • Art, culture and sport
  • Communication
  • Law and citizenship
  • Economy and entrepreneurship
  • Engineering, technology and computer science
  • Science and medicine


Brigitte Mantilleri, Swiss Union President 2020-2022, brought this platform to life so that young women will “profit from the priceless value of a personal mentor, and […] learn about Soroptimist International and the benefits of a future membership.”


We have among us such outstanding women with great life experience. The Swiss Union has decided to use this potential and invest it into the next generation.


Curious to see if this platform could work for you and your union?





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Erica Sollberger,

SIE Communication Officer 2021-2023