Club of Uzès, France

The Soroptimist Club of Uzès has been involved for several years in combating violence against women and in supporting women in the difficulties they face.


The Soroptimists have decided to create an office in Uzès dedicated to fighting violence against women. Following their intervention with the town hall, the Soroptimists have been able to obtain a room that they have set up as a “permanent office”.


Thanks to this place of mutual aid, the Soroptimists offer multidisciplinary support in social and psychological matters. The cross-disciplinary work enables the progress of procedures and the overall care of women. In addition, psychological support includes discussion groups and collective actions for women. Other activities are also carried out:


  • setting up training sessions for volunteers who will be responsible for receiving women,
  • awareness-raising campaigns in professional circles (doctors, nurses, lawyers, social centres, etc.) through the distribution of flyers.


In addition, the Soroptimists have also made agreements with two hotels for emergency accommodation. The marital home is the main place where violence against women and children occurs. Transitional accommodation therefore allows victims to be protected in a stable and reassuring environment.


The project is still underway and is promising, as the opening of the centre has already led to the positive treatment of some cases.